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​We all have been through so much since 2020. My heart goes out to every, single person- especially to those who have lost loved ones to Covid, are ill with it or have loved ones who are.

​With many of us working from home either raising a family, working a full or part time job or all of it, there's been a change in the way we live, (that's an understatement).

​Along with the more serious changes, for many of us the way we dress has also changed. We've adapted to a new way of living that's lent itself to clothing that's quite simply, more comfortable.

​I'm not trying to make light of any of this. Our health and well being is much more important than our clothes.

​But, when it comes to clothing, I've been trying to dress comfortably... but not so much that I look like I'm still in my pajamas. (Speaking of pajamas- Stay Cool. Feel Dry. Sleep Well With Cool-jams!) It's a psychological thing with me, too. With routine comes a sense of purpose for me. I like to get up, shower, get dressed and at the end of a long day, get into my pajamas. I know I wouldn't function well if I did it all in my pj's. I need the change of clothes so my state of mind changes, if that makes any sense!

​I hope you are all okay. Hang in there because we're going to get there.

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Megan Dress - Chalkboard

Margaret Dress - Country Estate

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