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Plus Sizes 4 Her
 Where curves and fashion meet!
Women come in all shapes and sizes. 
So should their clothes.

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Fall All Over ModCloth

by Ellen DuBois on 10/25/21

"From ModCloth's outset, we’ve set industry standards in regards to size inclusion, anti-photoshopping policies, and female leadership long before it was the norm. Nogin’s mission is to help ModCloth continue to innovate, and amplify the brand while staying true to its essence."

You'll find beautiful fashions for women- all shapes and sizes. Because that's how ModCloth is. They know size does not define a woman's beauty. She does.

"Now that we’re back to being independently owned, ModCloth is reinvigorating the independent and innovative mindset that is the foundation of our brand. This future begins with what made our customer fall in love with us in the first place."

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As an affiliate, I get a small commission when someone makes a purchase by clicking the links on this site. Thank you for visiting Plus Sizes 4 Her.

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